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Sharing your point of view in solo podcast episodes with Anna Furmanov

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Episode Summary

A podcast provides a way to have amazing conversations And it also provides a way to present raw unfiltered thoughts through solo episodes

But thats as far as most podcasters go B2B podcasters dont realize theres often a hidden treasure within every episode beyond just the audio file

In the latest episode of Recorded Content host Tristan Pelligrino uncovers how Anna Furmanov created the Modern Digital Content Strategy For Startups Playbook all from a single podcast episode

Anna the owner of Furmanov Marketing Consulting and the host of Modern Startup Marketing breaks down the most important steps every aspiring podcaster should take before speaking in front of the microphone She also discusses her approach to solo episodes and how this format can help you articulate how you thinkbefore a prospect decides to buy a product or use your services

Guest Profile

Name: Anna Furmanov

What she does: Anna helps VC-funded startups and marketing teams implement marketing programs that drive revenue and hosts the Modern Startup Marketing podcast

Company: Furmanov Marketing Consulting

Noteworthy: Anna loves to paint build design and communicate She started her company in January of 2020

Key Insights

  • Your unique voice is what makes your marketing modern Anna points out the importance of finding a unique voice in marketing and business and explains how she can help with her expertise Part of the reason why my company has been successful is that digital marketing is not going anywhere If anything its much more important I wanted to pull out those companies those startups that are forward-thinking because thats what I want to do I want to help people get out of the mud get out of the muck that theyre stuck in thinking like Yes were doing marketing They dont realize that they could be doing it so much better so much more strategically so much more effectively Thats the reason why Im calling it Modern and Im bringing on startup founders where theyre doing something different unique and more fitting to where we are in the world right now
  • Talk and organize Anna notes that talking is essential for business strategy and feels that podcasts are a good way of starting to hear yourself She states that talking should be accompanied by a transparent system and strongly recommends it to everyone It all starts from there You have that conversation with somebody that understands their stuff Talking is easy Ive realized how talking to somebody that knows their stuff and listening to that and pulling out the bullets that matter for the next step which is the content that you might create from now Starting with these one-hour conversations even 30-minute conversations with somebody that knows what theyre talking about and you pick a topic that theyre an expert in that is the goal That is the content goal
  • Start a podcast Sometimes you need a push from the outside to start working on your dreams Anna remembers her starting days as a podcast author and feels thankful for her inspiration in talks with different people I was thinking about doing it for months I was sitting on it It was an idea and Im like Theres something about this that I like I love to build stuff from scratch and this seemed like a good idea Whats the big deal Its not that difficult I set it up and it wasnt that difficult I started doing the episodes And I realized that I as part of marketing enjoy talking to people

Episode Highlights

Finding answers to crucial questions

Startups start with the activity that theyre supposed to do which is We need to get blog posts up Look at the competition Theyve got tons of blog posts up We need to be on Instagram Facebook YouTube Snapchat Twitter We need to do ads The problem with that is you havent figured out who youre for havent done the right voice of the customer research uncovered those insights the problem youre solving with your product What are the challenges for this person What are their goals How are you going to think about having a conversation with them building a relationship with them and building trust What are the words youre going to use Messaging positioning all that stuff needs to come before

Podcasts with guests are different than the ones you do solo

I love playing around with the podcast because its mine Im building it and making the decisions Thats the fun part Coming up with new ways to give people useful information is a creative process When youre the person thats doing the show and youre solo you get to control the message a lot more I like bringing on guests I think they have so much amazing stuff to say but I dont get to control that message as much as I do in the solo episodes

Creativity is important but there should be a system behind it

I typically like to have an outline of what Im going to say Im not the kind of person thats like Im going to talk about content strategy I dont like to ramble so I need some structure at least some outline of what Im going to talk about first Maybe some key phrases that I want to say Thats how I started my Unfiltered thoughts Its unfiltered but theres still some structure to it where Im not just rambling

You still have to think about the listener and the value theyre getting Sometimes I listen to folks on shows and theres a lot of rambling and Im turned off by it So I still like to keep the structure

Being where your target audience is

You have to be everywhere For digital you have to be everywhere where your target audience is Be focused prioritize but your website is not where your target audience hangs out and thats maybe the old stodgy way A lot of companies are thinking We have to change our website Its been the same thing for six months We need to update this on our website Ive been at companies like that

Spending a lot of time there versus spending time where your target audience hangs out is going to give you a much more effective impact Thats my approach Spending a lot of time on the website doesnt make sense You have to get your key stuff there But most of the time needs to be spent outside of your website

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