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Speak on podcasts to build more credibility in your industry with Mark Colgan

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Episode Summary

Do you need to prepare to be on a podcast? And if preparation is a good idea, where can you get help? In this episode of Recorded Content, Mark Colgan, the Co-Founder of Speak on Podcasts, provides some insights on how to make appearances on podcasts to build credibility in your industry.

Being a perfect podcast guest is not a matter of pure talent. Instead, your success as a podcast guest is based on your ability to leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

In this interview, hear why it is essential to build a relationship with a podcast host and understand the types of information you should cover when making an appearance.

Guest Profile

Name: Mark Colgan

What he does: Mark is the Co-Founder of Speak on Podcasts, he’s a B2B SaaS product onboarding specialist at the Product Onboarders and serves as a growth consultant at Yellow O.

Company: Speak on Podcasts

Noteworthy: Mark is an entrepreneur and revenue leader responsible for a portfolio of companies where he leverages his 13 years of experience in B2B sales, marketing, and recruiting expertise.

Key Insights

  • There’s nothing wrong with giving away information for free. As Mark explains, today’s customers are smarter and have access to almost anything they are interested in. The truth is simple: if you don’t share your value freely, a potential client will look for the company that does.
  • Preparation and research are initial yet crucial steps for anyone who wants to be on a podcast. People should understand topics they want to talk about. Adequate preparation is the key to success. Those who are not sure if they could prepare for the podcast themselves should rely on professionals.
  • We often neglect the relationship-building side of podcasting. According to Mark, being on a podcast allows you to build meaningful relationships. Aside from getting close to your target audience, you also create a relationship with a podcast host which could mean potential and fruitful collaborations in the future.
  • I’ve never seen a press release and then purchased technology. The old way of PR simply does not work anymore.

Episode Highlights

What is more important for B2B tech companies: to have a podcast or to be featured on podcasts?

I think both are equally important. When you’re on your podcast, it’s you that’s putting yourself in that position of authority and credibility. That’s a good thing. If you speak on other people’s podcasts, then you also have third-party validation. It’s almost like having social proof on your website.

Being on podcasts is not the same as attending a trade show

It’s not the same as going to a trade show and collecting and scanning people’s business cards. It’s not that tangible. There are ways that you can look at attributes in success. You could be asking people as they fill out a contact form where did they hear from you. They’ll often say the podcast. Then also in terms of organic traffic increasing and more people saying, “Yeah, I’ve heard of you guys or I know what you do because I heard you on the show or I read the content.”

Speaking on podcasts is more of a brand awareness campaign

We’re working with companies that want to build their brand awareness. They want to be seen everywhere because, as you know, the content that you can repurpose from a 30-minute interview is pretty much endless. When they’re outbound sales reps, if they have that go-to-market strategy, they’re talking to people, people are familiar with the brand, and they’ve heard the founder, the CMO, or whoever their C-suites are getting on the podcast.

A podcast always finds its way to the right audience

The most genius part about podcasts is that you typically talk about overcoming a challenge or how people are overcoming challenges. You point out the solution to a challenge that your ideal customers have. That’s ideal. If you’re speaking on podcasts about those topics, people are going to find that interview when they have that problem.

It’s an evergreen piece of content that once it’s there, lives in the ecosystem of your buyer’s journey where they’re looking for the solution. And you happen to be positioned yourself as the expert that can solve that.

If you want to get featured on podcasts, start with research

In the episode, Mark highlights his perspective on getting started. Start with the right research. Understand why it is that you want to get on there. And who do you want to speak to? And then reach out via LinkedIn or email to the podcast host. Make sure that you’re demonstrating the value that you can offer their audience. Reach out and start that conversation.

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