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Episode Summary

The fear of self-promotion is a big hurdle for many marketers today And one of the biggest reasons theyre afraid to promote their content too much is that theyre afraid of boring annoying or losing their followers

But as long as you create valuable content your options for repurposing are endless and your audience wont be able to get enough of you

In this episode of the Recorded Content podcast host Justin Brown welcomes Ross Simmonds the CEO of Foundation They talk about the importance of repurposing content why you need to promote your content as much as possible and how to effectively collaborate with influencers in your niche

Guest Profile

Name: Ross Simmonds

What he does: Hes the CEO of Foundation

Company: Foundation

Noteworthy: Foundation is a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop and serve ambitious B2B brands Foundation provides content marketing services to organizations worldwide ranging from some of the fastest-growing startups and consumer products to the Fortune 500

Key Insights

  • Content promotion helps you get your content in front of the right people Despite what some people think content promotion is nothing to be afraid of You wont lose your followers and you will certainly not embarrass yourself Remember that the biggest reason you need to promote your content is to help your audience solve their problems Ross explains Theyre going to continue to struggle for weeks months even years maybe for the rest of their lives because you didnt promote that piece of content So you need to start with that understanding that youre actually doing a service to your audience if you truly believe that your content is worth sharing And then while you listen to this you should be thinking Okay I need to go promote that thing that I developed right here right now this second
  • Give value to your community Every successful content creator knows that value is everything You need to give back to your community by creating valuable content and promoting it on various channels Ross says When you do it you always want to lean heavily into the idea that youre adding value to the community Youre not trying to extract it So what I always advise people to do when you go into these communities is to come in very much thanking the community for what they did for you in terms of the content theyve produced Maybe you advise in a subreddit that youve been a longtime lurker and that you are sharing this podcast because you want to give back to the community that has given so much to you
  • If you create valuable content your opportunities for repurposing are endless When you make a valuable and powerful piece of content the most important thing to do is to repurpose it And luckily for you there are many different options for repurposing content in todays day and age Ross explains What you want to do is think about how you can chop up your content whether its turning a video into an audiogram an audiogram into a Twitter thread or a Twitter thread into a video that youre talking into the camera for You want to realize that if you can create a piece of content one that is valuable you can distribute it forever You can repurpose it forever You can find ways to repackage that thing forever as long as the content at its core was valuable

Episode Highlights

Ideal promotion frequency differs from platform to platform

The frequency volume on Twitter is significantly higher than the frequency volume that is ideal on LinkedIn And its directly related to the way in which those platforms are treating content when they serve them up to your followers and your connections

Give your influencers creative freedom

The key is to give the influencers the understanding and the ability to be great at what they do I think a lot of brands make the mistake of jumping in and trying to create a very tight creative brief trying to create a very tight window of opportunity and saying You have to do it exactly like this You have to refer to us this way And as such theyre met with some watered-down content Your influencers know their space They know whats going to engage with their audience They know whats going to drive results so you have to give them some wiggle room

Embrace video content

The vast majority of the world wants video content Our primary media consumption channel is video But for years Ive been creating the written word Blog posts and writing have been the things that built my career And when I realized this I clued into a simple fact which is that if I took a lot of my written content and turned it into video it would probably have a longer shelf life So I started to make that move and shift to video-driven content because the humans have spoken and the humans want video content So lets embrace video content

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