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The benefits of podcasting when starting a new marketing role with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

As a marketer at a new company you want to present yourself in the best possible light And there are a lot of ways to showcase your expertise and stand out in your new role

But one of the most beneficial ways to do it is to start your own podcast

In this episode of the Recorded Content podcast our Co-founder and host Tristan Pelligrino covers eight benefits you get from podcasting when youre starting out in a new marketing role

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: Hes the co-founder of Motion

Company: Motion

Noteworthy: Tristan is the co-host of the Recorded Content podcast

Key Insights

  • Start a podcast to kickstart your personal brand If you want to gain the trust of your new teammates but also make a mark in your new organization you should consider starting your own podcast Tristan talks about the benefits of podcasting for your personal brand He says In your first 90 days theres a lot to cover but theres one thing that can help speed up the process starting a podcast As a podcast agency weve seen first-hand the positive impact a successful podcast can have on an organization
  • As a marketer you need to speak to your customers Marketers need to have customer conversations to improve their strategy And podcasting allows you to have those conversations Tristan explains The first benefit of starting a podcast as a new marketer is that you get to capture customer insights If youre a B2B marketer any type of marketer honestly one of the most valuable things you can do is talk to your customer Its the best way to get feedback about your products or your services and to find out what people really want But its not always easy to get information from customers or even potential customers And its harder to have genuine conversations with them Thats where your companys podcast comes in
  • Connect with industry leaders One of the best ways to boost your brand and the brand of your new company is to connect with the influencers in your industry Tristan says In any industry there are always people who stand out amongst their peers They have more knowledge more experience and more connections These are the professionals who get featured at conferences give keynotes and appear on the industrys best podcasts These people are called influencers and they can be a great resource for you as youre starting out in your new marketing role

Episode Highlights


One of the biggest benefits of starting a podcast is having a reason to reach out to your customers and have real conversations with them And as a newcomer to your organization the business podcast provides a conduit between you and your companys customers It gives you the fast track to customer insights without having to set up a formal survey or another customer research project


One of the best ways to meet influencers is to start a podcast for your company When you interview someone on your show theyll automatically view you as a peer And when you produce a podcast episode with these types of professionals it helps you solidify your own position within the industry Thats how you grow your audience grow your companys audience and build more brand awareness


Partnerships are a big part of any business that serves customers And you need to get familiar with partners as soon as you can With a podcast you get the chance to collaborate with your companys partners Some of the most common ways to integrate partners in podcast episodes are through live events roundtable discussions or interviews


Podcasting is also a very efficient way to collaborate with your companys leadership to create audio written and video content When you interview the leaders of your company on your show theyll get to know you and your work And when you make good use of their time and then position them as a thought leader in the industry you gain their respect


Successful podcasters seek out insights from others and realize how it helps them as a marketer Rather than pushing your own ideas right away you get a chance to solicit feedback from others in your company and demonstrate how well you listen The relationships you build in this process and with other team members can help you out down the line when you need different types of support for the marketing team


You can also demonstrate your ability to deliver consistently When youre new to a job it can be hard to prove yourself You might not have a lot of past experience with your role or you might be new to the industry And many folks within the organization may not know the type of work youve done in the past or what youre capable of One way to prove yourself is to start a podcast and deliver episodes consistently


If theres a marketing skill you want to improve chances are starting a podcast can help you get better Identify what you want to work on for personal reasons and then collaborate with others to launch the podcast


The last benefit is that you can build your personal brand Your personal brand is the way that people perceive you Its what makes you unique and sets you apart from other people in your field Building a personal brand can mean you never have to apply for a job again Producing a podcast for your company is a great way to build your personal brand

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