The Challenges Content Creators Face And How AI Can Help with David Salib

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, host Ben Decowski from Motion sits down with David Salib, Co-founder and CEO of Momento. The conversation revolves around the challenges content creators face and how AI can help solve them. Salib emphasizes the importance of reaching audiences on their preferred platforms and creating a sense of anticipation for the content.

Salib explains how AI can help content creators by automating the selection of episode highlights. He describes how AI models language, sentiment, and semantics to predict what might resonate with an audience. However, he also acknowledges the importance of human input in fine-tuning these selections.

The biggest benefit of AI, according to Salib, is scale and consistency. He believes that AI can help creators produce high-quality content on a daily basis, leading to compounding growth for their channels. Despite some concerns about AI not accurately reflecting a creator’s voice, Salib assures that Momento is working on features to fine-tune the AI’s output to align more closely with the creator’s style and content.

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The Challenges of Content Creation and the Role of AI 

David Salib discusses the challenges faced by content creators and how AI can help overcome them. He emphasizes that creators often lack the time to effectively market their content after the production process. AI can automate repetitive work, allowing creators to focus on the core content creation. 

“The creators have frustration because they produce the content. They’re hoping someone’s going to listen to it. And the listeners I think also are missing out. So we realized that, at the core of it, the amount of work it takes to really push something out to the world and grow something to an audience is a ton.”

The Process of Selecting Content Highlights 

Salib explains how AI can select the most interesting parts of a podcast episode. He highlights that while AI can predict what might resonate with an audience, human review remains crucial. 

“The biggest risk there is probably bias to what it selects. And if it selects things that are more biased to a certain kind of audience, if that’s not explicitly defined. Again, a space where we’re trying to bring more customization and user impact, user influence to, so that you can choose the direction you want AI to work for you in.”

The Importance of Understanding Your Audience 

Salib stresses the importance of understanding your audience and your brand before using an AI tool. This understanding allows creators to get unique results from the AI tool that align with their brand and audience.

“When you use that tool, you’re going to get something that no one else gets. You’re going to be able to describe to AI who you’re trying to reach and what they care about.”

The Concerns About Adopting AI 

Salib addresses the concerns people have when adopting AI. The biggest concern is the risk of AI producing something that doesn’t align with the creator’s voice or is inaccurate. He assures that Momento is working on features to help fine-tune the AI’s output.

“The biggest concern I’ve seen is the risk of AI producing something that’s not their voice or is inaccurate. And this is, you know, let’s say in Momento’s case, that can be in your show notes, it could be in a social post, it could be an article.”