The Future of Motion and the Potential for Further Growth with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, Justin Brown and Tristan Pelligrino, co-founders of Motion, delve into the transformative power of podcasting. They discuss how their podcasting journey led to the growth of their business and the acquisition of another agency.

The conversation revolves around the strategic use of podcasting as a marketing tool. They highlight the importance of balancing influential guests with specific topics, and how this strategy has helped them reach their ideal customers. The two also share insights into the creative process of building a show from scratch, emphasizing the uniqueness of each podcast.

Finally, they discuss the future of Motion, hinting at the potential for further growth and acquisitions. They envision a family of companies offering a range of services, from strategy and content execution to web design and development. This episode offers a deep dive into the world of podcasting and its potential as a powerful marketing strategy.

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The Genesis of Motion’s Podcasting Journey 

The episode kicks off with Justin Brown and Tristan Pelligrino discussing the inception of their podcasting journey. They reflect on how they started their own podcast and how it evolved into a business model. This led to the production of nearly 60 shows, all designed to assist their ideal customer — small, scrappy marketing teams at B2B tech companies. The hosts also hint at a significant announcement: the acquisition of another agency.

“In this episode, Tristan Pellegrino, my business partner and co-host of Recorded content, sits down to talk with me about the impact podcasting has had on our company, how this led to us acquiring another agency, and what this means for us moving forward.”

The Evolution of Podcasting Strategy

The hosts delve into the evolution of their podcasting strategy. They discuss the balance between working with influential people and covering specific topics. They highlight how their focus on their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) has driven the development of their shows. The hosts also touch on the challenges and excitement of building a brand from scratch.

“That’s kind of where we landed today with our creator shows. And this focus on our ICP always being what got us that next show — how can we continue to help that ICP?”

The Impact of Podcasting on Business Growth

The conversation shifts to the impact of podcasting on business growth. The hosts share how their podcasts have helped them grow, particularly during the pandemic when people needed to create content from home. They discuss how their strategy of having creators mention their names in posts led to increased recognition and business growth.

“All of a sudden we have creators out there saying our names. People wanna trust people they know. So they’re hearing from Camille and Nick and Christina and all these people out there, you know, even the Rev Genius folks all saying, ‘Hey, Motion is doing this.’”

The Expansion of Services

The hosts discuss the expansion of their services beyond content creation. They talk about the acquisition of New North and how it allows them to offer a broader range of services, including strategy, content execution, and web design and development. They also discuss their vision of building a family of companies while maintaining the unique identities of each.

“So right now we have strategy, we have podcasts, which is like content execution, but there’s, you know, web design and dev, there’s content writing. I mean, there’s just so much out there now that we can continue to build into this little family of companies that we’re building.”