The Importance of Design and the Impact it has on a Podcast’s Success

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In this episode of Recorded Content, host Ben Decowski sits down with Liat Kozuch, Field Marketing Manager and Video Podcast Creator/Host at Hyro. They delve into the intricacies of podcasting, the role of AI, and the challenges of navigating complex sectors like healthcare. Liat shares her unique workflow, which includes using AI to create transcripts and timestamps. She also discusses the challenges of managing a podcast alongside a full-time role, emphasizing the importance of design and the impact it has on a podcast’s success. Liat’s approach to podcasting is not just about the number of downloads, but the relationships she fosters in the industry. The conversation wraps up with Liat offering advice to those starting their podcasting journey. She encourages listeners to reach out to her on LinkedIn for guidance, demonstrating her commitment to helping others avoid the pitfalls she encountered. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in podcasting, AI, and healthcare.

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The Role of AI in Podcasting Workflow

Liat Kozuch discusses the role of AI in her podcasting workflow. She uses Descript, an AI tool, to create transcripts and timestamps for her episodes. She also mentions the use of ChatGPT to generate timestamps and titles. However, she acknowledges the challenges, especially when dealing with long transcripts. 

“Once I export that, I then upload it to Descript, which uses AI to create a transcript for me. Until not long ago, I would sit there and watch the actual episode once it’s edited to create timestamps.”

The Challenges of Being a Solo Podcaster

Liat shares the difficulties of being a solo podcaster. She highlights the extensive preparation required before each episode and the challenge of maintaining a consistent publishing schedule. She also shares her strategy for managing tasks using a sub-item template in

“The hardest thing is like, just keeping up with the demanding timeline. One way for those who are still solo, and don’t have Motion yet, is I created this sub item plugin.”

The Decision to Work with an Agency

Liat talks about her decision to work with Motion, an agency, to help with podcasting. She mentions the benefits of repurposing content and how it’s a significant part of what Motion offers. However, she also acknowledges that she had to prove the concept first before getting the resources to work with an agency.

“I had a call with Justin and basically I was just building our field marketing department, so I didn’t really have a budget yet for our in-person events, virtual events, the podcast, it was really just like dabbling.”

The Importance of Listener Engagement

Liat emphasizes the importance of engaging with listeners and offering help to those starting their podcasting journey. She encourages people to reach out to her on LinkedIn for guidance, demonstrating her commitment to helping others avoid the pitfalls she encountered.

“Sure, so LinkedIn, of course, just shoot me a DM and I’d love to really, like, help, if you’re confused or just starting your way and you don’t want to fall into those holes that I fell into and wasted a lot of my time and a lot of frustration. I’d love to save you from that.”