The Power of Podcasting in Marketing

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, host Ben Decowski sits down with Eric Rutherford, host of Build That Podcast! They delve into the world of podcasting, sharing insights and experiences that shape their journey.

Ben’s passion for storytelling, honed through sports editing and tech sales, led him to podcasting. He sees it as a natural fit, a way to combine his love for investigation and asking questions. He shares his journey from sports editing to tech sales, and finally to podcasting, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the work you do.

The conversation shifts to the power of podcasting as a marketing tool. Ben highlights how it can open doors to untapped markets, even influencing C-level executives’ buying decisions. He also underscores the importance of consistency and commitment in podcasting, likening it to compound interest. 

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the evergreen nature of podcast content. Ben encourages listeners to view each episode as a valuable resource that can be revisited and repurposed. Despite the challenges, the results of podcasting can be incredible if done right.

Salib explains how AI can help content creators by automating the selection of episode highlights. He describes how AI models language, sentiment, and semantics to predict what might resonate with an audience. However, he also acknowledges the importance of human input in fine-tuning these selections.

The biggest benefit of AI, according to Salib, is scale and consistency. He believes that AI can help creators produce high-quality content on a daily basis, leading to compounding growth for their channels. Despite some concerns about AI not accurately reflecting a creator’s voice, Salib assures that Momento is working on features to fine-tune the AI’s output to align more closely with the creator’s style and content.

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Episode Highlights

The Art of Finding Podcast Guests

In this part of the discussion, Ben Decowski and Eric Rutherford discuss the process of finding guests for their podcasts. They highlight that much of the groundwork for finding guests is often done without even realizing it. Ben emphasizes that the opportunities for finding guests are enormous, including potential and existing customers. 


“It’s like, you’re probably already doing some of the groundwork on that and don’t even realize it. The opportunities are pretty enormous in terms of who you can talk to, even from like, you know, ‘Hey, are you talking to existing customers? Are you talking to potential customers?’ And not even about, you know, not about your business, but about their business.”

The Challenges of Starting a Podcast

Ben Decowski discusses the challenges that companies face when starting a podcast. He mentions that it’s a combination of time commitment and lack of knowledge. He also emphasizes the importance of consistency and the need to keep up with the podcasting process. 

“It’s not a ton of work. It doesn’t take a ton of time to do that when you think about it in terms of like, ‘Hey, how long does it take to do this during the day?’ But when you’re doing it consistently, it’s something that you — another thing you have to keep up with that does take you away from other things.”

The Pre-Launch Stage of Podcasting

In this part, Ben Decowski talks about the pre-launch stage of podcasting. He mentions that this stage often brings up questions that people didn’t realize they had. He also discusses the importance of having a clear idea of what the podcast will be about and the need for refining these ideas. 

“When people are starting out, like they have, they generally have good ideas. It’s just, they need help kind of sharpening it or refining it a little bit to be able to accomplish what they want to.”

The Intersection of Passion and Profession

Decowski shares his journey from sports editing and sales to podcasting. He talks about how he found a profession that he enjoys and can also pay the bills with. He also gives a brief overview of what Motion, the podcasting agency he works with, does.

“It’s something that for the first time, I really understand, you know, the saying, if you, you know, if you love your work, you never work in your life. Granted, it’s still work, but I do love the work.”