Use a podcast to ignite your company’s content strategy with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

Podcasts have become more popular with brands in the last few years. Companies use podcasts as a way to reach their audience on a different channel. By providing audio content, you can share information with customers and they can consume content while doing other things (walking their dog, washing dishes, etc.). 

But, a podcast is more than just an audio channel. It’s a powerful medium for tech companies and can fuel your entire content marketing strategy. 

In this episode, Tristan Pelligrino recently joined Anatolii Ulitovskyi’s live video series to talk about the power of podcasting. In addition, they explored different podcast strategies and discussed the most helpful ways to grow your show.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

Keep Your Call-to-Action Simple

“Try to make it simple, make it very direct, and clearly state what they’re going to get out of that call-to-action. And that typically is the best way that we try to take that from a CTA standpoint with podcasts.”

Grow Your Show Through Collaborations

“The first thing that you can do is focus on the collaborations, the folks that you bring on as guests. That is one way right there that you can grow your show — just by capitalizing on other audiences. So, Anatolii, right now, I’m on your show, and I would love to take the content that we’re creating here and use it in a lot of different ways. That is going to help you get visibility into a new audience, I’m assuming. So that’s just one piece of it there, trying to create those co-marketing opportunities that you have just through the natural conversations that you’re creating through a podcast.”

Focus on Podcast SEO

“If you have very clear titles and you optimize your descriptions, you’re very clear with your show name and the summary that is attached to your show name; all those things can really contribute to helping find your podcast episodes on sites like Listen Notes or in the podcast apps. So that’s one thing: just low-hanging fruit is to answer those questions and maybe use a keyword strategy in some places.”

Practice Your Podcasting Skills

“The best way, I think, is to maybe start a podcast without actually launching one. Maybe build some of those skills that are required to be a good podcaster. For years, I was behind the camera. I did a lot of documentary-style content. So I interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people before I ever even did a podcast episode, and I’m still working on interviewing techniques and crafting questions, and it’s just a lot of fun for me. But I think if you’re going to start or you have a goal of starting a show, start working on some of those things to build some of those skills and figure out maybe what you want to focus on initially.”