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Episode Summary

In the latest episode of Recorded Content Justin Brown chats with Jesus McDonald the host of The Jesus McDonald Experience podcast and the Founder and CEO at JRM Web Marketing Despite his tremendous popularity among B2B marketers and 15 years of rich experience in marketing and delivering website solutions Jesus generously shares his valuable content with the rest of the online marketing community without requesting a subscription or any paid membership

Im not focused on monetizing or being a YouTuber I am just focused on providing valuable content says Jesus The fact that he receives so many questions regarding WordPress marketing strategies and similar topics has inspired him to create an array of how-to videos step-by-step guides and other valuable content he distributes on LinkedIn YouTube and other social channels

Although the pandemic made people start creating content most of them do it for profit But Jesus has a different objective His videos are not designed for direct ROI views numbers or downloads they are about providing help and value first and foremost

Tune in to the full episode to hear about the challenges Jesus had when he first started making video content how he solved them and whether he prefers video or audio assets

Guest Profile

Name: Jesus McDonald

What he does: Jesus is the Founder and CEO at JRM Web Marketing At the same time he is the host of The Jesus McDonald Experience podcast

Company: JRM Web Marketing

Noteworthy: Jesus doesnt worry about charging subscriptions or monetizing his content its purely to inform his audience of small business owners

Key Insights

  • I like sharing valuable content for free Jesus McDonald creates valuable content and shares it with B2B marketers small businesses and everyday Internet users whod like to learn more about great marketing strategies SEO WordPress and similar stuff Im not putting people on a subscription model If you can pass it on and it helps somebody else and its valuable to them its awesome To me I like sharing my thoughts my ideas and my experiments
  • Podcasts are more than just audio content Jesus claims that the best content includes the combination of audio and video That way the audience can experience podcasts or other pieces of content on both levels Im going to give my audience a choice Im not going to force them Im going to let them choose whatever they want So I said Heres for the audio experience and heres for the video experience
  • Community is about helping each other out as marketing professionals Besides creating free content to educate his audience and help them understand the basics of SEO digital marketing lead generation and more he also aims to help other marketing professionals Ive had clients that reach out to me and tell me Hey thanks for sending me that YouTube I already implemented these super helpful super insightful valuable practicals that have made a big difference to our SEO strategy Thats rewarding to me Thats what its all about And its about helping each other out as marketing professionals too
  • I have more people reach out to me after a video is released They know more about my character and my personality

Episode Highlights


Im not focused on monetizing or being a YouTuber If it happens it happens Im more focused on providing valuable content for my clients because I get so many questions like How do I clear my cache on Google Chrome I get so many of these questions I need to record this

So another thing on why I did YouTube is that I do a lot of how-to videos A lot of them are simple how-to steps whether with WordPress Google Chrome or anything that we get frequently asked about It can even be marketing and SEO strategies So for me it was creating those playlists to help other marketers


I have many guests that will share their screen and do a how-to or share tips about branding or something and what they do in their process for branding And I cant do that with audio

Id rather watch the YouTube video because I feel like I need to watch what this dude is doing And you miss out on so many quirky things and things that youre not seeing Like what do they have in the studio What are they doing What are they wearing But Im going to give my audience a choice Im going to let them choose whatever they want So I said Heres for the audio experience and heres for the video experience


I dont focus on downloads I dont focus on subscribers just the content I dont focus on anything Im not focused on views even with my YouTube channel I know its a brand new strategy Its a top-of-mind strategy and its worked for our business tremendously

I think its more about seeing the value in the process and branding this way And I think you cant rely on just podcasting to be your lead generator


I am staying in my lane and talking about marketing and websites Its so easy to talk about other things like Lets talk about sales But lets focus on marketing and WordPress websites For me its about staying in my lane just giving without expecting anything in return

I provide a lot of insightful and practical content for marketers But even entrepreneurs reach out to me and say Hey I know youre focused with B2B marketers but this has been awesome If people need it theyll reach out to you


What I see a lot is that a lot of people have selfish motives Theyre like Whats the ROI Did you close that guest Did you do this Did you do that Subscribers downloads all these things And then they quit And thats the thing that I see a lot happening even after this whole pandemic But thats their thing They keep changing and they need to be patient to see anything You got to build momentum If youre focused on ROI youre going to be impatient and youre going to quit

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