What Sparked the Creation of Direct with Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Recorded Content, Justin Brown and Tristan Pelligrino, co-owners of Motion, delve into the launch of a new podcast, Direct with Corrina and Taylor. The show aims to inspire go-to-market professionals by sharing experiences of individual contributors on go-to-market teams.

The unique dynamic of the show lies in its hosts, Corrina Owens and Taylor Young, who have worked together in the past. Their shared experiences and direct approach to asking detailed questions promise to uncover the real work behind successful campaigns. The podcast aims to highlight those who are often behind the scenes, the ones rolling up their sleeves and making things happen.

As the series progresses, listeners can expect to see a shift in the hosts’ interaction and a deep dive into the challenges faced by their ideal customers. The show is set to be a valuable addition to Motion’s network, providing insights from those in the trenches of the tech marketing world.

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Episode Highlights

The Evolution of Relationships and Shared Experiences 

In this part of the conversation, Justin and Tristan discuss the unique dynamic of the show, which is shaped by the shared experiences of the hosts, Corrina and Taylor. They reflect on the layers of relationships that have formed over the years and how these shared experiences can add depth to the podcast. 

“There were like these layers of how people knew each other over the years. At Tristan’s first agency, he worked with the two members of the crew. Then Tristan and I worked together at that agency after those guys, and now we’re here doing additional things with new members of the staff.”

The Importance of Hearing from the ‘Doers’ 

The hosts emphasize the importance of hearing from the people who are actually doing the work, the individual contributors. They discuss how these contributors are the ones making things happen within their companies and how their insights can provide a fresh perspective.

“These are the folks that are actually making things happen within their companies. And that’s really what appealed to me there. So we hopefully will see some different faces that are involved with this particular podcast here.”

The Process of Developing a Show 

This part of the conversation delves into the process of developing a show. Tristan and Justin discuss the spectrum of options when it comes to branding a show, from naming it after the company to creating a standalone brand.

“Typically when we develop a show, when we’re working with a client, we have like the spectrum of options that we typically put in front of them. You know, one option is you name the show right after your company name, and it’s very much on the nose, and that shares all the brand elements of the company.”

The Value of Being Direct 

In this segment, Tristan and Justin discuss the value of being direct in asking questions and uncovering how people are doing the real work. They emphasize the importance of being consistent in this approach to generate good content with each episode.

“My only feedback is to just continue being direct, which is, where the name of the show came from. Like Corrina and Taylor, just very direct in kind of how they ask questions or how they communicate with each other.”