Where to find inspiration for podcast episodes with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

A lot of B2B podcasts start with an interview-based format. And once you get comfortable with interviews, you can experiment with different formats to share stories and connect with your audience. 

But, even if you know your format, you still need to decide what you will discuss in an episode. 

In this episode of Recorded Content, our host Tristan Pelligrino shares where you can get inspiration and how you can develop a long list of interesting topics for your company’s show.

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Key Insights

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Things to Consider When Identifying Topics for Your Podcast 

”You need to focus on your ideal customer. If you want your company’s show to have an impact on your business, you need to build the episode topics around the needs of your customers.

Another thing to consider is having a guide for your podcast. […] Your company’s podcast can be used to explore the issues and resolutions your customers face. That’s why it’s important to have someone who can guide the conversation and go on this journey with your listeners.”

​​Where Can You Find Inspiration for Topics

#1 High-Performing Blog Posts

”Is there a post that drives a lot of signups or conversions? Maybe it’s time to give this post a little bit of life in an audio or video format.”

#2 Episodes With Strong Download Numbers

”Create an episode where you pull in previous quotes from these impactful episodes and provide a new perspective.”

#3 Topics From Old Episodes That Can Be Explored in More Depth

”It is an excellent opportunity to go back and do a follow-up episode with some new insights. 

#4 Podcast Appearances

”If you had a great appearance on another show, you can create an episode that includes segments from that interview.”

#5 Key Changes in the Industry

”Your customers will always be looking for new perspectives when it comes to change, so you can give them what they want and be one of the first to provide valuable commentary on a specific change in your industry.”

#6 Product Releases

”There’s a reason your company’s product evolves. Your customers face new challenges, and your product continues to help them in different ways. So with a podcast episode, you can showcase perspectives from your product team. You can identify new obstacles faced by customers and then discuss how your product overcomes them.”

#7 Challenges Faced by Your Sales Team

”Your sales team interacts with customers every day. They know the challenges and objections customers have when considering your product. These challenges make for great podcast episode topics.”

#8 Insights From Your Customer Success Team

”Your customer success team gets a lot of questions. So maybe it would help to answer some of those questions in audio and video format using your company’s show. By bringing on customer success representatives, you involve your internal team and provide more education to your customers.”

#9 LinkedIn Posts

”A valuable LinkedIn post is a great way to spark a topic for a podcast episode. You can build a story around the post and capture feedback from your company’s leadership or other team members during an episode of your podcast.”