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Why we built a network of shows for our agency with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

At Motion we believe a podcast is more than an audio channel. When you create shows designed to help your customers it can actually drive your company’s entire content marketing strategy.

You create content through collaboration industry experts internal experts partners prospects and customers.

You create content that answers your customers biggest questions not Google’s algorithm.

You create content you’re excited to share because it actually helps.

You create content that’s distributed in audio video or written formats whatever works best for your customer.

With a podcast you create a flywheel of activities that helps your company grow.

In this episode of Recorded Content our host Tristan Pelligrino shares how Motion approaches branded podcasts and highlights why Motion has built its own network of shows.

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: He’s the co-founder of Motion

Company: Motion

Noteworthy: Tristan is the co-host of the Recorded Content podcast

Key Insights

  • Podcasts have outgrown their initial form of only being audio content. Instead, you can use each episode to create videos, long-form videos, video clips, and videos for social media such as Instagram Reels and Stories, and written pieces.
  • A podcast can drive a company’s entire marketing strategy when exploited in such a manner. It allows you to reach your customers on the channels they mostly visit.
  • You create content through collaboration whether that’s with industry experts, internal experts, partners, prospects, or customers.
  • You create content that answers your customers’ biggest questions, not Google’s algorithm.
  • You create content you’re excited to share because it helps you create content that’s distributed in a way that works best for your customers.
  • Success comes when you know your niche. So creating a podcast starts with defining the audience and the topics you want to cover. If you try to make it for everyone, you’ll probably make it for no one or end up with an inconsistent listener base. And what you want to achieve is an audience that trusts you and turns to you for specific answers.
  • However, it is possible to cover various fields through multiple shows if you have the resources. Take Motion for example. We have more than one podcast at Motion. It’s what we call Motion’s Network of Shows. Each show that’s a part of our network is designed to help a very specific audience in a different way.
  • Explore, test, and release your creativity through a podcast. That’s the great thing about our space. It enables you to try something new. No one expects you to reinvent the wheel but to approach the same topic from a different angle, structure, and sources.
  • For instance, Motion’s Network of Shows included Recorded Content, Rep Your Brand, and Content Logistics, and we later acquired Taking the Lead. But at the end of the year, we’ve launched three more shows. The first show I want to highlight is the Notorious Thought Leader. The show is hosted by Erin Balsa and explores what it means to be a thought leader in B2B. I’m looking forward to what we do with The Anonymous Marketer. It is a brand new podcast hosted by Nick Bennett. Finally, we’ve launched a new show in collaboration with Juice. Slice and Dice is a video series for B2B marketers looking to get inspiration from the best content available.

Episode Highlights

Recorded Content is designed to help small and scrappy marketing teams get the most out of their podcast

Recorded Content captures stories on how to overcome the challenges of launching, running, and growing a company show. We tackle issues with technology, content marketing, distribution, and more. Ultimately, Recorded Content helps you become a B2B podcasting hero within your organization.

Rep Your Brand is a podcast for B2B marketers looking to build their career through a strong personal brand

It’s hosted by Nick Bennett and captures stories about how to overcome the challenges marketers face with growing their personal brand. Listeners can tune in to get tangible tips and launch strategies to build their brand right away. Rep Your Brand has been running for two years, and I’m excited to say that we’re pivoting the theme for Nick’s show and launching a new podcast that’ll take the place of Rep Your Brand.

Content Logistics helps you develop a content strategy and draft, optimize, and distribute content to grow your audience

Camille Trent, Director of Content and Community at PeerSignal, interviews marketers behind the best content marketing flywheels to uncover the tactical aspects of content production from the first draft to the first customer. With each episode of Content Logistics, we help you become the best content creator and distributor within your organization.

Taking the Lead, Motion’s first acquisition

This show is hosted by Christina Brady and in each episode, she interviews one of the top female icons in revenue. By highlighting the unique stories, journeys, and challenges of these women, Christina helps you navigate the B2B tech landscape and become the leader you want to be. Christina is a fantastic interviewer and does a great job building rapport with each guest. Instead of fluff, she gets to the heart of what it means to be a leader in tech today.

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