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Why your company’s leaders should appear on podcasts with Tristan Pelligrino

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Episode Summary

Your podcast can effectively drive your entire content marketing strategy. It helps build credibility and trust. And a podcast can attract new customers while retaining existing customers.

But what if you don’t have the people or the resources to start a podcast?

One of the ways you can get started with podcasting is to consider the benefits of podcast guest appearances. When you get your company’s leaders involved with guest appearances, you get a chance to highlight your company’s story. Your company’s leadership also gets a lot of other benefits as well. In this podcast episode, Tristan breaks down the primary benefits your company gets from implementing a podcast guesting strategy.

Guest Profile

Name: Tristan Pelligrino

What he does: Tristan is the Co-Founder of Motion, a done-for-you-podcast agency for small scrappy B2B tech marketers.

Company: Motion

Key Insights

  • Part of your marketing strategy should be to have your leaders appear in podcasts. More and more companies see the value in having a podcast for building or strengthening their online presence. However, not only should you consider starting one, but you should also have your executives make guest appearances on others. As a marketer, it’s important to get your company’s leadership involved with podcast guest appearances. By securing your company’s leaders as a guest on another show, your company gets the spotlight.
  • A podcast enables your brand’s visibility across various platforms and formats. It may seem like the life cycle of a podcast episode starts and ends once the episode is recorded. However, today’s creators distribute it across various channels using different formats, which is beneficial to both host and guest companies. In addition to the conversation, your company’s brand name is often included in other materials. When the podcast is distributed, the company’s name or logo appears in video clips and trailers and is referenced on the podcast episode page. And the best part, the promotion is led by the podcast host and their company.
  • As a guest, you can control the narrative. The great thing about being on a podcast is bringing your brand closer to a broader audience. But instead of someone else reading about your offer, you have the chance to do it your way. When you’re a guest, you get to talk about your company’s brand, products, and services in your own words. Your company’s representative gets an opportunity to share your company’s unique point of view and highlight how the company helps specific customers.

Episode Highlights

You don’t have to host a podcast to make the most of podcasting

You don’t have to spend hours making a video or recording audio. When you appear as a guest, all you need to do is show up to the recording session and have a genuine conversation. The rest is for the podcast host to deal with.

As a guest on a podcast, you can ask for a redo

When you appear on a live webinar or a virtual event, you don’t get another take when you make a mistake. But when you appear as a guest on a podcast, you can overcome any missteps by asking for a redo. So while it may not feel like you have any control over the episode, you can ask for edits to remove mistakes or parts of the conversation you don’t like.

When you appear on a podcast, your company gets free promotion

By serving as a guest on someone else’s podcast, you’re guaranteed to get your brand name in the ears of new listeners. And rather than interrupting someone’s feed or appearing in a YouTube pre-roll ad, you’re able to naturally talk about your company during the flow of a conversation.

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