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How to Get Your Ideal Customers on Your Podcast

“My ICP won’t come on a podcast.”

It’s something we hear regularly and while it’s a fair thought, it likely isn’t the case.

Let’s start with a little background.

Our business, Motion, runs a well-respected B2B podcast – Tech Qualified. On Tech Qualified we bring on CMO’s and Heads of Marketing from B2B tech companies to talk about what they’re seeing in the space. In addition to running the podcast, we also sell podcast services. So, we run a podcast for ourselves and provide podcast services to others.

A common thing we hear is “Well, your podcast is for CMO’s. We marketers LOVE to talk. My ICP is [insert cyber security professional, healthcare, data, AI professional here] and they just can’t come on. Too much risk for them, they just won’t do it.”

This simply is not true.

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Top 6 Podcast Hosting Platforms for Your Company’s Podcast

Do you have a podcast idea for your company? Great.
B2B podcasts are a fantastic way to build your brand, expand your reach and establish yourself as a leading voice in the industry.
But before you turn the microphone on, there are a number of important decisions to make. For one, you’ll want to secure an engaging podcast name and brand identity — one that’s close enough to your corporate VBL (so that it’s aesthetically linked), but isn’t so close that it comes across as uninspired.

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How to Get a Business Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher

You’ve done your research on B2B podcasting. You’ve established your podcast’s brand identity. You’ve recorded and edited your first few episodes and now you are ready to send your new podcast out into the world. But how do you do that?
Don’t worry. You’ve already done the hardest part of making a podcast. The process of getting it out to your listeners is pretty easy. This guide will walk you through the steps of getting your podcast hosted and published on all the major platforms.

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How to Create a Name and Establish a Brand for Your Company’s Podcast

Podcasts have exploded in the past few years. More than half of the US population has listened to at least one, and 16 million Americans describe themselves as “avid” fans.

And B2B podcasts are increasingly popular too, with 13 million households listening in on a regular basis. But with so many businesses already releasing their own podcast material, how can you establish a brand for yours and help it stand out?

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How to Repurpose a B2B Podcast Episode into Other Thought Leadership Formats

If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader, you need a strategy that includes multiple different formats. A podcast makes for a great way to show off your experience in a field. It is long-form and will allow you to discuss topics in enough depth to show the breadth of your knowledge to an audience. You’ll be able to have interesting guests on that engage the interest of the listener or viewer. Because podcasts are such a long-form media, they are easy to break down into smaller segments or component parts that extend their benefit to you.

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Why You Should Create an Online Community for B2B Customer Outreach

An online community is any group, formal or informal, of individuals that have something in common or are joined by an interest in a particular kind of content. When applied to your ideal B2B customer profile, an online community is your purposeful effort to connect with the group of people who is most likely to use and love your products and services.

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The Ultimate B2B Technology Content Marketing Framework

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  • Wondering how you can attract prospects with your content?
  • Looking to position your technology as an authority in your space?

Download our complete framework today and start using a proven content marketing strategy.

How to Use empathy maps in your content marketing

  • Wondering how to create relevant content for your audience?
  • Struggling to develop a process for generating content ideas?
  • Trying to determine what your customers care about?

Download our worksheet to unlock a deeper connection with your customers. Use our process to go beyond traditional personas and win over your customers.

create content along the customer journey

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  • Struggling to determine the types of content to produce for customers who aren’t ready to buy yet?
  • Trying to understand the types of information customers are looking for when finding a solution?
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