Episode 202: Thought Leadership for Tech Companies with Steve Richard

Episode Summary

Host Tristan Pelligrino of the Tech Qualified Podcast talks with Steve Richard, Chief Evangelist Officer of ExecVision. Steve Richard discusses the vision behind ExecVision, the solutions that it provides, the concept of conversation intelligence, and becoming a professional authority in his area of expertise.

Episode Highlights

  • Steve Richard expresses his mission statement.
  • What is the smartest decision Steve has ever made as a professional?
  • What is the ideal customer for ExecVision and the types of solutions it provides?
  • How did ExecVision originate?
  • How was the ExecVision title of Chief Evangelist decided for Steve Richard and what does that mean for a tech company?
  • What is the backstory of ‘conversation intelligence?’
  • How has Steve Richard become an authority in his space?
  • How has Steve’s high profile helped to increase revenue with ExecVision?
  • How does he fit in his own content generation with everything else he is doing?
  • Steve Richard shares what he means by ‘always put the buyer in the center’ from the perspective of a B2B company.

Key Points

  • Steve Richard identifies the four different demand types as being: even angelical, same old same old, better mousetrap, and government regulation.
  • Conversation intelligence stems from the question of, ‘Imagine the amount of information, insight, and intelligence that exists in your conversations with your customers and prospects?’
  • Most of the time, when you pick up some information, your brain will purge it or forget it when you are sleeping.



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