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In this episode of Recorded Content, host Ben Decowski dives into the intricacies of podcasting, drawing from his experiences as the Managing Director of Podcasting at Motion. He reflects on the challenges he faced, emphasizing that while podcasting is rewarding, it demands dedication and hard work.

Ben underscores the importance of a well-defined process in managing multiple podcasts. He shares insights into the timeline of production, from recording to editing, and the significance of setting clear deadlines. This structure, he believes, is crucial for efficiency and consistency in content delivery.

Lastly, Ben introduces listeners to essential tools that have been pivotal in his podcasting journey. He highlights Descript for its powerful editing capabilities and Frame.io for streamlined feedback collection. These tools, combined with a robust process, enable podcasters to produce quality content and manage their shows effectively.

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The Journey from Novice to Managing Director

Ben Decowski dives into his personal journey in the podcasting world. From being a novice to becoming the Managing Director of Podcasting at Motion, he shares the growth and learning he experienced over six months. This segment provides listeners with a glimpse into Ben’s dedication and the evolution of his role.

“It’s been about six months since I’ve been here at Motion as the Managing Director of Podcasting. And today I wanted to talk to you about how it’s gone and how I’ve learned to go from really not podcasting at all to being able to manage 30 plus podcasts.”

Headline: The Commitment Behind Podcasting

Ben emphasizes the intense commitment required in podcasting. He talks about the long hours, the weekends, and the personal sacrifices he made to ensure the quality of his work. This part of the discussion underscores the passion and dedication needed in the podcasting realm.

“Podcasting is not easy. I’ve loved my job and I get a great deal of satisfaction from what I do, but it has been a ton of work.”

The Beauty of Tangible Results

Ben contrasts his experience in tech sales with podcasting. He appreciates the tangible content produced in podcasting, which serves as a lasting testament to one’s efforts, unlike the cyclical nature of sales quotas.

“After working in tech sales for eight plus years and working my tail off to hit quotas each quarter before starting all over, podcasting has been a blessing in that I can do all of this work and then see the improvements and the results and walk away from it with multiple pieces of tangible content that I can be proud of.”

The Role of Descript in Podcasting

Ben introduces Descript, an all-in-one audio and video editing software. He discusses its features, from real-time waveform editing to transcript editing, and how it has been instrumental in his podcasting journey. This segment offers listeners a practical tool recommendation for their podcasting needs.

“Descript is an all-in-one audio and video editing software. And it’s been incredibly powerful for me to edit video and audio podcasts. The real-time waveform editing makes cutting, splicing, and rearranging content easy.”