Episode 209: White Glove Account Based Marketing with Mariya Finkelshteyn of Sapling

Episode Summary

During this episode of the Tech Qualified podcast, we talk with Mariya Finkelshteyn, Vice President of Marketing at Sapling. Sapling is a San Francisco-based HR platform for mid-market companies that assists HR teams with automating workflows, supporting data-driven decisions and being more strategic. Mariya Finkelshteyn talks about how Sapling applies account-based marketing, internal communication for ABM, and the core elements needed for companies to use account-based marketing.

Episode Highlights

  • Mariya Finkelshteyn shares her work history and how she got involved with Sapling. 
  • What is Sapling’s ideal customer and how do they help them?
  • How does Mariya define account-based marketing?
  • How does Mariya handle personalized messages per account as a marketer? 
  • Why is the traditional marketing funnel upside down?
  • She talks about omni-channel marketing. 
  • What are the core pieces a company needs to have in place for account-based marketing?
  • What elements allow a company to enhance their ABM strategy?
  • What has been the process to apply ABM at Sapling?
  • What does internal communication for ABM at Sapling look like? 
  • The best customer is the one you already have.
  • What are some of the challenges that Mariya is looking to overcome? 
  • What are some of her favorite resources?

Key Points

  • Sapling’s ideal customers are SMB and mid-market companies in the high-growth phase between 20-500 employees that gain assistance with establishing their centralized HR hub.
  • HR leaders typically use 20-30+ tools for recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and performance management. 
  • Mariya addresses account-based marketing as switching the focus from contacts and leads to a holistic approach to each account that is personalized and strategic.



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