Using data from The Juice to spark conversations

Slice & Dice is a video series for B2B marketers who are looking to get inspiration from the best content available. But what is the best content? What’re marketing & sales professionals really reading, watching and listening to? In each episode of Slice & Dice, Brett McGrath highlights live data captured from The Juice’s platform and introduces what people are really interested in. Brett partners with an industry expert to figure out why certain content hits the mark & what we can all learn from it.

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In this episode of Slice and Dice, Brett McGrath sits down with Andy Binkley, Co-founder of Tourial. They discuss the importance of building an audience, emphasizing the need to start now, regardless of company size or brand perception. Andy shares his insights, highlighting the discipline required and the tremendous payoffs that come with a dedicated audience.
Welcome to the pilot episode of The Juice – Slice and Dice. The Juice is a content curation platform for B2B marketing and sales professionals and a distribution channel for brands who want to reach them. Our first guest, or co-pilot, is Elizabeth Irvine, the VP of Marketing at MarketMuse. As content trends constantly change, keeping up with them is challenging. But sometimes, it’s important to recognize that all types of content can work for your company. And, as evident by this year’s highest-performing assets on The Juice, long-form written content still hits the mark.