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Content Logistics is a podcast for B2B marketers looking to build a content engine that drives revenue. Camille Trent interviews the marketers behind the best content marketing flywheels to uncover the tactical aspects of content production — from first draft to first customer. This podcast teaches everything from developing a sound content strategy to drafting, optimizing and distributing that content to grow your audience. Ultimately, Content Logistics helps marketers understand how to become the best content creators and distributors within their own organization.

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October 6, 2021
Companies, especially startups, need marketing to attract audiences and promote their products or services. But startups often don’t have enough resources to try paid social advertising or invest in more comprehensive marketing campaigns. So is there a viable marketing solution for seed-stage companies? Aside from well-thought-out SEO strategies, startups can benefit from middle-of-funnel content approaches. When focusing on the middle, it can help companies accomplish a few objectives, including raising awareness around their products. Some of the best middle-of-funnel content examples are comparison guides, templates, and other similar pieces.
September 22, 2021
There are more and more companies that are deciding to work with freelancers instead of traditional full-time employees. And we can expect the need for freelancers to continue to grow even in the years to come. It’s pretty obvious why this partnership model is so appealing to both businesses and contractors: greater independence and flexibility are just some of the perks. But anyone that has either been a freelancer or hired one knows it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Just like any business relationship, freelancing demands hard work, time, and dedication. And it requires a commitment on behalf of both parties.
September 8, 2021
Webinars have been in the marketing toolbox for quite a long time. And, if used appropriately, they can be used in every stage of your entire marketing funnel. But most brands today don’t know how to set up an effective webinar strategy and give their audience exactly what they want. Marketers are instead relying upon antiquated tactics and are missing out on a big opportunity to connect with customers.
August 25, 2021
Product-led content can be an essential part of your marketing strategy if you’re looking to build trustworthy and long-term relationships with your clients. And it’s the best way to present your product without coming off like a sales pitch. However, if you want to create high-quality product-led content, you’ll not only need a top-notch writer, you’ll also need someone who knows your product. In this episode of Content Logistics, Fio Dossetto, the Editorial Lead at Wildbit, joins our host, Camille Trent, to discuss the secrets behind crafting product-led content. Fio starts by giving a pretty interesting explanation about what product-led content is and how it can benefit businesses.
July 28, 2021
Google Docs and Microsoft Office might offer some of the most popular agenda templates out there, but they’re basic and not suitable for specific industries. And Hypercontext saw an opportunity to capitalize on this gap. The company decided to develop specific agenda templates and created an entire library for marketers, engineers, and sales teams. In this episode, Camille Trent chats with Hiba Amin, the Senior Marketing Manager at Hypercontext. Hiba discusses the benefits of producing a series of popular templates tailored to first-time managers, engineers, and sales teams. According to her, the Hypercontext agenda template library succeeded because the company had a clear goal in mind – the end-user. Hiba further discusses how marketers should listen to their customers and consider their input when creating content and ultimately improving the core product.

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Camille Trent

Camille Trent is the Head of Content at Dooly. She’s a pretty even split of Phoebe and Monica — creative type who gets a little too competitive on the racquetball court. If you’re into fancy bullets, here are a few:
  • Copywriter and brand strategist with experience working in-house, freelance, and at an agency.
  • Specialties: website copywriting, social media content
  • Chill unless watching my Portland Trail Blazers blow another lead, then all bets are off. Dame Lillard for prez.
Bonus: She can also put together a decent ad layout if the designers are out (Adobe Creative Suite skillz)