Get the most from your company's podcast.

Podcast production

How to prepare before hosting your first podcast episode

When new customers come to us for help with launching a podcast, we hear about the struggles.

We learn about how their team produced 15 versions of cover art. We uncover how the company’s leadership team took 4 weeks to review the first podcast script. And we hear about all the different names the team created before choosing one.

But one of the biggest hurdles we hear companies struggle with is getting the host to hit record for the first time.

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Podcast production

How to be a great podcast host & lead your company’s show

A podcast host is one of the most important roles in your company’s podcast. The host is responsible for building rapport with guests, guiding conversations, and ultimately ensuring each episode helps your audience.

But what if you’ve never hosted a podcast before? Is there a path to becoming a great podcast host? What should you focus on as a new podcast host?

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Podcast production

Set up your workflow & learn how to make a video podcast

Marketers can use a podcast to fuel their entire content strategy. When you make a video podcast, you can share information with your audience using audio, written, and video content.

But many marketers struggle to sustain the production of a video podcast. And it’s mostly because of the complex workflow involved when creating a “video-first” series.

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Podcast strategy

Podcast competitive benchmark report: The first step in developing a podcast strategy

A major component of developing a solid podcast strategy is understanding your customers’ wants and needs.

What are your customers looking for in a podcast? What podcasts are available? What topics are your customers interested in? How often do they want new episodes?

But how does your team get this data? How can you ensure your podcast strategy aligns with what your customers want and need?

The answer: A competitive benchmark report.

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Podcast strategy

Podcasting for business: Why your company’s podcast is more than an audio channel

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn and the author listed the “most popular” channels for B2B marketers.

And “podcasts” were one of the channels listed.

But if you’re a B2B marketer, and you feel a podcast is a channel, you’re missing out.

When you focus on having specific, genuine conversations with prospects, customers, partners, internal subject matter experts, and industry leaders…you impact your entire marketing flywheel. Not just a single audio channel.

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The only show created for B2B podcasters

Recorded Content

Hosted by Tristan Pelligrino & Justin Brown

The Recorded Content podcast is for small, scrappy marketing teams who are looking to launch & grow a successful B2B podcast. In each episode, we provide stories on how to overcome the challenges of launching, running and growing a show. We tackle issues with technology, content marketing, distribution and more. We help you become a B2B podcasting hero with an amazing show.