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Rep Your Brand is a podcast for B2B marketers who are looking to build their career through a strong personal brand. It’s hosted by Nick Bennett, voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2022. In each episode, Nick captures stories about how to overcome the challenges marketers face with growing their personal brand. And, ultimately, Rep Your Brand helps marketers open doors to opportunities they never thought were possible. Listeners can tune in to get tangible tips & launch strategies to build their own personal brand right away.

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Your personal brand is your golden ticket to building a successful career. And there are tremendous benefits to developing your own brand — from attracting new clients to generating new opportunities for your business. But personal branding is not strictly reserved for entrepreneurs. On the contrary, everyone can and should have a personal brand.
Building a personal brand can stem from a lot of different activities. It’s all about what you want to achieve. LinkedIn has become one of the most popular channels to introduce yourself and let people know who you are. But some people do it only for the “likes” and never really connect with people. So, how do you use LinkedIn as a way to truly engage with the audience? In this episode of Rep Your Brand, Nick Bennett welcomes Sam Kuehnle, VP of Demand Generation at Refine Labs. Nick and Sam get into what makes content appealing to a specific audience, identify ways to connect with people, and explain how you can get started with creating your own content to help you stand out on LinkedIn.
The combination of social media and communities has become an integral part of our professional lives over the last few years. And professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are at the forefront of this evolution. But there’s an increasing demand for transparency and honesty on social media, so if you want to make it online, you need to keep it real with your audiences.
The way you build a personal brand depends on your personality and the goals you want to achieve. And today, LinkedIn is the most popular platform for presenting yourself and your views, promoting your goals, sharing valuable posts to let people know who you are, and creating a personal brand. But not everyone is successful at building their brand on LinkedIn. Some people don’t connect with the audience; instead, they focus on how many “likes” they get. However, the truth is that these “likes” do not determine whether your brand is successful or not.
No matter how successful you want to become, it’s important to realize that you have to start somewhere. It’s important to be honest with your peers and your online community by sharing your internal struggles. It’s important because others have struggles, too. And Linkedin is one of the best ways to share your experiences. But most people, especially in the B2B community, use LinkedIn to share their latest promotion or how much money their company raised. And it’s clear their posts only highlight success stories. What about what’s happening behind the scenes?
How you build a personal brand depends on your personality, goals, and platform choice. LinkedIn has become one of the most popular channels for presenting yourself as a brand, promoting your goals, and sharing valuable posts to let people know who you are. But how do you use LinkedIn correctly to grow your audience and get them to engage with your content? While most people trying to build their brands on LinkedIn focus on how many ‘likes’ they get, experts disagree with that approach. Those metrics can be false, and they do not determine whether your brand is successful or not.

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Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is the Director of Account-Based & Field Marketing at Alyce, and a field marketing thought leader. He’s a personal branding enthusiast and field marketer who is paving the path for others in the industry as the new era of field marketing 2.0 comes into play more. Nick enjoys spending time with his daughter, write content on LinkedIn and Twitter, and meeting others in the B2B world. Give a follow if you want to elevate your game!